Planning for Your Photo Session

What should I wear?

As you are preparing for your upcoming photo session, I'm sure you are wondering, "What should I wear?"  Your color choices can impact how your session turns out, so here are a few tips I have!

1. Wear complimentary colors.  Too many colors going on in the same photo can distract attention from the subject.  This also goes for busy prints or graphics.  I do not recommend everyone wearing the same color, or even alternating black and white, because it doesn't feel as natural.

2. Pick a style.  Formal, casual, classic- all are fine as long as everyone is in a similar style.

3. Consider your location or the season.  Bright colors in summer and muted tones in fall both look great!  If you have one specific purpose (i.e. Christmas cards), I would avoid very seasonal clothing.  Since these will likely go on  your walls for years, clothing that will stand the test of time works best.  If your session is during a chilly time of year, layering can add texture and interest as well as warmth that you would normally get from a winter coat.

What should I bring?

All you really need to bring with you is your smile and a great attitude!  If you'd like to include props to achieve a slightly styled shoot, go for it!  Personal items like your child's favorite toy, a chair, picnic blankets can all add personality and 

I am happy to find a way to incorporate special props into your session as well as offer some of my own custom props to round out your shoot.

*Parents of small children:  Wipes for noses are always handy!  Also, bottles and/or snacks can do wonders for a child's attitude, so come prepared.

What should I wear to my maternity session?

When choosing an outfit for a maternity session, I recommend tops or dresses that are fitted on top and have belt or pleats to accentuate your adorable belly.  Certain details like long necklaces can also draw attention down to your belly.

How should I prepare for a newborn session?

When should I take newborn photos? It’s ideal to photograph newborns within the first 10 days so they still have that "brand new" look.  At this age, they will often sleep through the session allowing you to move and pose them undisturbed.

When should I schedule a newborn session?  Once you know you're due date, you can get in touch with me, and I will pencil you into my calendar.  Then, you can text or email when you are in the hospital, and we will set up a day.

Where should I have photos of my newborn taken?  I recommend taking newborn photos at your home so it is easier on mom & baby.

How should I prepare my home before a session? For your newborn shoot, turn up the thermostat so baby will be comfortable in just a diaper. 

How long will the session take?  Newborn sessions generally a little longer than other portrait sessions.  Babies need changing/feeding/snuggles, and I know you are all just getting used to each other, so I won't rush you at all.

How can I prepare my baby for the session?  In the hours before the shoot, be sure to dress the baby in loose clothing that will not create imprints in the skin. I also recommend feeding and changing baby 15-30 minutes before the shoot begins.

How can I prepare for the session?  When choosing what to wear, wearing complimentary colors (as mentioned above) and being mindful of colors on your walls will help the most. Also, be sure to have burp clothes, wipes, etc on hand for any baby messes that may happen.

What will be included in the photos?  I am happy to provide blankets/backdrops for the shoot, but I encourage you to find special items that you’d like to include as well. Blankets, booties, hats, etc. can add personality to your photos and make your baby look extra adorable!

What else should I keep in mind?  Although it’s always ideal to have a few ideas in mind for your photos, you’ll want to maintain reasonable expectations for your newborn session. You and your little one are just getting to know each other, and baby's needs can be hard to figure out at first!  Your baby’s needs and comfort level will dictate the session from start to finish.  Don't worry if things don't seem to be going well!  As I always say, no one can hear crying in photos. Ha!  This session should be calming and a break from the rush of visitors meeting your new arrival.  Take a deep breath and just enjoy your baby!