Hellooo 2012!

2011 was a great year!  I'm so thankful to be a photographer-- to stretch my creative muscles, meet new people, and witness the joy of families joining together through marriage and the welcoming of new life.  It's such a sweet, sweet job.  Plus, I got to welcome my own little one this year which has been more fun & life-changing than I could have ever imagined!  I was never the super sentimental type when it came to fictional relationships in books/movies/tv, but having a baby has made me the biggest softie.. like crying at a Hallmark Mother's Day commercial!  Can it get any cheesier than that?!  Despite my new-found sappiness, I'm super thankful to God for my sweet baby girl and the change she's had on my heart.  My heart needed a little melting to be in this profession anyways, right?  :) So here's to 2012.  BRING IT ON!

P.S.  We ran out of time for a Christmas card, but we did take a few self-timered pics before opening our Christmas presents.  Unfortunately, Zoe was more interested in eating ornaments than looking at the camera.


Has anyone else noticed the crazy shopping deals out there right now?  I didn't know the 4th of July was super sale time until this past weekend... I have a post coming about my adventures in Atlanta if I can manage to steal some evidence pictures from my cohorts. :)

This was a local deal I snagged last night while shopping at the mall for a birthday present for the hubby.  $12.50 for Rocketdogs!  And they're yellow-- so I call that a double win.  Don't laugh if they look like clown shoes on my feet.  Did I mention all cats cannot resist: a. new shoes or b. an opportunity to get in front of my camera?  :)

Father's Day

We went to the farm for Father's Day and had fun running around in the heat!

Three of us rode in the 3-seater pick up with Pepper, the 60-lb farm dog, on our laps to go feed the little calves. They were terrified of my camera. Haha.

Played in the fields...

Did some target practice...

Self portrait! James looks like a creeper leaning into the picture, so I made him do a second take. He still liked the first one better. :)

Sunset over the old farmhouse.

Grow, garden, grow!

I've been working hard at having a garden this summer, and it's actually going pretty well!  Minus the fact that I overwatered at first and killed 6 out of 8 of my tomatoes... who knew water killed plants?  Luckily someone gave me 6 more plants, so the garden isn't totally desolate in the center.  On the menu this summer: tomatoes (not sure what kinds because I'm not that diligent), crook-neck squash, oodles of cucumbers, cantaloupe (spell checker had to help me with this one... I'm way out of practice at writing!), watermelon, & carrots.

Don't mind that giant satellite in the back... that's my neighbor's.  We affectionately call him "Radio Man."  And there are more antennas & wires on that house than there are on a fleet of news vans.

You put plants inside of a garden for a reason, but this little watermelon didn't get the memo. I don't think rabbits or other wild critters are interested in a melon, so he should be safe right outside the fence.

I'm anxiously awaiting the firstfruits of my labor... mmm...

Our last sunset in Aruba

We spent our last evening at this cute little restaurant on the ocean, Pincho's. We found a coupon in an Aruba travel magazine for a free drink there and the ad said "as seen on the Bachelor." I feel so cool now. Haha. The food was fabulous, and the sunset happened to be amazing tonight!


James is up to no good here.


I'm not sure what this building is right across from the restaurant, but there was a wedding reception when we went there this past Sunday. Christmas lights are always in style in the Carribean.

The last glimpse of Pincho's...

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