I found a little caterpillar friend on my carrots when I checked on my garden tonight.  I found out when I make him angry, this little orange hat pops out of a fold on his head.  It kind of looks like an inflatable toy.  Haha.  I suppose I'll release him back into the wild before the cats get any funny ideas...

Aruba: Day 3-4

More adventures in Aruba! We rented a car and tried our best to see the wild side of the island.. unfortunately, street signs and paved roads are underrated, so we couldn't find many of the things we were looking for and we were afraid to go off-roading in a little Yaris. Here's some of what we did find:

A beach near Arikok National Park

A cute little church near Baby Beach, where we attempted to snorkel but rough waves made it nearly impossible to see. The picture on the right is at the Casibari rock formations.

The view from the top of Casibari. I was afraid to stand up too long due to the winds and height when I went up there, but right after we left, a cheerleader did 3 back handsprings on the massive boulder. In the wind. We were hoping that we wouldn't see her fly off.

Another cute church. They're everywhere!

James at the Ayo Rock Formations. Arubans love their rocks.


California Light House, named after the ship, California, that wrecked near the island. They say the ship was doomed after not hearing the distress calls from the Titanic as it was going down.

Our standard 'hold out your arm' picture while at the lighthouse. :)

Can you see that blue sea? I'll miss that.


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Aruba: Day 1-2

Greetings from Aruba! We decided to go crazy for vacation this year and visit the island after dozens of people bragged on it.

Our flight to D.C. was at 6 a.m.. we looked a little rough, so I'll stick to cloud pictures here.

Our little hotel. It's kind of out of the way from town, but I like the open door feel and how it actually looks like you're in another country rather in a boring hotel room.

The sea really IS this blue. We could see it from the plane and about freaked out. :)




More pictures tomorrow hopefully!
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