ryan+eda // knoxville, tn wedding

Ok, so this is a long one!  Ryan and Eda were an absolutely adorable couple and had the best wedding day EVER outside by the lake in Vonore, TN at the Sequoyah Birthplace Museum.  75 degrees and sunny with no humidity = PERFECT DAY!  Eda planned an amazing vintage wedding with the help of many crafty friends & family as well as some cool rentals from Vintage Southern Rentals.  It was a beautiful wedding with lots of fun ties to Eda's Norwegian background.

Loved these bridesmaids dresses!  They looked like Greek goddesses from this angle.

Their cool Norwegian cake.  I think the rule was how ever many layers come off when you pull the topper is the number of kids you'll have.

The "maid of supreme power" (or the universe?) had us all rolling during her speech!