richard+candice // clarksville, tn wedding photography

It's so fun getting to photograph so many of our friends' weddings this year!  I guess we've hit that "marrying age" bracket and everyone's taking the plunge.  Richard and I had many fun times working in a lab at UT looking at gross things (to say the least).  Richard never ceased to amaze me with his desire to learn and understand.  There were many instances where I had to drag him away from Google searching new terminology or diseases that we heard about in the lab.  Haha!  Currently he & his wife, Candice, are in vet school and will be vets before you know it!  Enjoy their awesome Clarksville wedding!

Check out this awesome church!  Candice's family goes wayyy back in Clarksville, and they donated many of the beautiful stained-glass windows (and I'm sure many other parts of the building).