Hellooo 2012!

2011 was a great year!  I'm so thankful to be a photographer-- to stretch my creative muscles, meet new people, and witness the joy of families joining together through marriage and the welcoming of new life.  It's such a sweet, sweet job.  Plus, I got to welcome my own little one this year which has been more fun & life-changing than I could have ever imagined!  I was never the super sentimental type when it came to fictional relationships in books/movies/tv, but having a baby has made me the biggest softie.. like crying at a Hallmark Mother's Day commercial!  Can it get any cheesier than that?!  Despite my new-found sappiness, I'm super thankful to God for my sweet baby girl and the change she's had on my heart.  My heart needed a little melting to be in this profession anyways, right?  :) So here's to 2012.  BRING IT ON!

P.S.  We ran out of time for a Christmas card, but we did take a few self-timered pics before opening our Christmas presents.  Unfortunately, Zoe was more interested in eating ornaments than looking at the camera.