Oil spill!

I bet you're thinking from the title of this post that I'm going to comment on the atrocity happening in the gulf right now... but actually, this oil spill happened in my garage.  And attacked my cat.

Poor Chomby (his real name is Big Soft Soft... no, for real...).  He sleeps in the garage because he can't go a single night without crying at the door or jumping in our bed and headbutting us until we wake up.  The garage has been a great help to our sanity.  Unfortunately, James's oil pan had sprung a leak a few weeks ago.  He knew it was leaking, cleaned up the spill on the floor, but left the oil pan on top of a Tupperware lid to keep it from spreading.   You think he would get rid of that oil pan... but he didn't.   So I went to let Chomby in this morning to find orange oilness alllll over his poofy tail.  It's seriously poofy.  Like ridiculous.  I was in such a panic to keep him from touching anything in the house.  I got him into the bathroom, woke James up, and the oil spill detox began!  Chomby was not a fan of the bath and tried to gnaw his way out of my iron grip.  I do not envy wildlife conservationists cleaning up oily animals!  His tail still isn't quite right, but he seems mostly oil free.  I took a few shots of him in all his humiliation after the bath.

Poor Chomby.

The Mog seems to be looking on and laughing in that second shot...