In honor of Valentine's Day yesterday, here are few pictures from Scott and Mimi's engagement session. We managed to find a day in January to shoot these where it wasn't raining, snowing, or blisteringly cold... which was pretty difficult! Two days after we did these pictures, bread and milk were flying off the shelves at every grocery stores because a small snowstorm was predicted to hit us. I think we had a whopping 2 inches of snow... and maybe a little ice here and there. Tennessee weather (and the reaction of the population here) is pretty hilarious. I'm really looking forward to their downtown wedding in March.. let's just hope it's warmer by then!

Scott claims that he can't smile normally when asked, so he kept doing this fake chuckle whenever he thought I was going to take a picture. It's probably the fakest sounding laugh you've ever heard, so I couldn't stop laughing at the laugh. I'll break out my funniest jokes next time so you don't have to entertain yourself, Scott. :)

... and a few more fun ones are included in the show below. :)

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