At long last, I caught the editing bug tonight and picked my favorites from Jonathan and Jessica's wedding. They had a very unique order to their wedding-- practically in reverse-- where they did all their pictures before the wedding, held the reception for the guests, and then had their ceremony and a quick getaway! It was such a joy seeing the affection that these two had for one another, and I feel so honored to have been a part of it.

Jessica looked so glamorous!

Cris, my most photographed bridesmaid yet, suggested doing a "first look" moment before starting the group pictures. They resisted at first, but I'm so glad they decided to go for it!

Here the bridal party is exercising to raise their body temperatures. Can you say 30 degrees in dresses? Cold weather does create some of the prettiest skies, though.

Jonathan and Jessica had an encouragement station at the reception and all the notes were hung on this cute little tree.

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