Soft Soft

Meet our second kitty: Big Soft Soft. He came from the shelter with that name... and we still kind of like it. Haha. He hasn't had much blog love, so I thought I should get some glamour shots of him. When we first saw him at the shelter, we were amazed at how green his eyes were. I know the fluorescent lights enhanced the shade of green that we saw, so they don't look quite as green at home, but they're still very pretty. I think he's a maine coon/tabby mix because of his fluffy tail, downy fur, and tabby-ish stripings. I'm throwing in this third shot below to give you perspective: note the tiny head and disproportionately large body. Haha.

ss 3

This is how Soft Soft normally looks-- kind of smiling with his eyes. I love the white eyeliner he has. It outlines the backs of his ears, too.


He's the most doggish cat we've ever had-- he must sit on you or lean against you at all times. He even licks to get you to pet him (which I HATE, but I can't make him stop). His favorite thing to do is headbutt you and rub his wet nose on your face. Weird but cute. :)

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