Big Soft Soft

Friday evening we attempted to kill some time by going to the animal shelter... and of course we had to visit the cats. We saw a name on a room-- "Big Soft Soft"-- and knew it was meant to be since we call our kitten "baby soft soft" all the time. He's a fat grey kitty with the greenest eyes and the sweetest disposition! He was so sweet that I couldn't wait to send in my adoption application on Saturday. I picked him up tonight around 5:30, took him to Pet Supplies Plus, and he rode around in the cart while I gave him toys to play with. He sat on my lap the whole way home, but the Mog is not particularly friendly with him. Actually, she's been stalking him the whole night and hissing. Miss Priss is not a fan of sharing her castle! It will be good for her ego to have a little competition... and now we have a lap cat like we wanted. I'm one step closer to being a crazy cat lady.. hah. We're trying to think of a shorter name for him, even though Big Soft Soft is cute. Any suggestions? He wasn't too into our photo shoot since the Mog was making him nervous, but here's a few shots:




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