Foothills Parkway

I've been on a photo rampage now that spring has sprung here in Knoxville. I've been trying to catch all the beautiful trees and flowers that are fading quickly as it's warming up. Last Tuesday we went to the Foothills Parkway and watched the sunset while eating some delicious (and expensive) cheeses and watching bats fly over our heads. Here were our attempts at a self portrait.

Note the horrible coloring from our faces being terribly underexposed. Darn you, sun, for being so bright in the background! The mountains look pretty, though.

Here I made James hold out the camera, and it turned out prettier than our last one, but we look horribly disfigured. It's pretty hilarious. James normally only has one chin, and, no, I'm not stoned-- I was blinking. Honest!

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